Lives Lost & Saved  : With 1% of entire world’s vehicle population; India accounts for a staggering 6% of World’s Road Traffic Accidents. With at least 13 people dying every hour on Indian roads, India has topped the global list of deaths in road accidents. Accodring to WHO report approximately 1.2 million people dies and more than 20 million people gets disabled due to RTAs, worldwide. This is a story of the Lives Lost and Saved on the roads of Bangalore, a city exceeding the National average in vehicle growth rate.
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This film is scheduled for Release on 16th December 2010


An Unavoidable Disagreement is a story of Snow Leopard’s relentless struggle - a struggle for existence in the face of human competition on one hand, and a struggle for its revival by the same human beings on the other. In a fortnight's journey to Ladakh, a cold desert in India, four members of Conservancy Efforts reveal some astonishing facts - of threats to these wild predators and also of efforts afoot to conserve the mystical snow leopards
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This film was screened in 6th Kolkata Short Film Festival at Nandan

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